Enter Groupon

So my wife has been going to boot camp for the last year or so and landed at one that really works you out. The kind of boot camp, that, even after attending for 3 months, the trainer will still find ways to kick your ass. The guy who runs it has even kicked people out of the class and refunded their money because it was not the right camp for them (good sign or bad omen?). She likes it in a weird sort of way. It’s been a while since I’ve volunteered to do anything that I know will cause me pain throughout. I tend not to ask her too many details about what happens at Boot Camp as it’s taken on some semblance of a Fight Club mystique. It’s like the Masons with Kettle Bells and Bosu Balls [yeah, that’s right… I know what a Bosu Ball is].

I tend to navigate through life blissfully ignorant of how hard certain things are… this gift-slash-curse has served me well-slash-poorly depending on the situation.

She’s been urging me to attend and I’ve held off… part delay tactic and part thinking I have better things to do with my money (not sure what but given enough time I could come up with something… like another pair of battery powered socks).

This is where Groupon comes into play. I created an account a while back and since then I think I purchased a Groupon for The Gap once.

Anyways… the following landed in my In Box, a few weeks ago. My wife saw it and I had zero excuses not to pull the trigger. Normally costs $250 for a month… $50 for a months worth of unlimited sessions seemed a little too good to pass up. Years ago, I’d done the personal trainer thing and having someone yell at you to do something is pretty effective… especially when they already have your money.

Unbeatable deal or will the deal beat me up

So now I have a months worth of sessions paid for.  It’s looking like D-Day will be March 14th. Gotta make sure I get clearance from the chiropractor before I start (that ridiculousness will be the subject of a near future post… it’s also one of the reasons I’m doing this).


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