T Minus 3 Days

So I went to the chiropractor twice this week… he let me know it was fine to start a boot camp. That made me fake happy… the type of fake happy you are when someone you know wins something, the kind of fake happy you are when the stranger on the plane sitting next to you starts gabbing, the kind of fake happy you put out there when Jason Rand (your chili nemesis) wins critic’s choice in the chili cook-off.  Who are these critics anyways? What kind of chili scoring pedigree do they have? Where is the appeals process? Everyone knows it’s the popular vote that really matters. There was talk that I influenced the voting by calling my chili “If you want to make plan you’ll vote for this chili”… I felt I was just being creative and not passive-aggressive. It’s not like I’d take it out on my team who didn’t vote for my chili… the fact that I’m cross referencing the ballots with writing samples means nothing…

I’m in the process of getting myself mentally prepared for what is ahead… I think I’m working myself up a little bit. It’s feeling too much like when I was a kid and I got in trouble and my mom would say “wait till your father gets home”. When I look back, the “wait” portion was way worse than the “father getting home” portion. Trying to get psyched up to do anything is way harder than the actual doing. My cocky side (the side that thinks I’m still 20-something) is looking forward to doing this and eating this up… then there’s the reasonable side (the side that understands that I’m 40 and things stay sore for longer these days) that wants the 20-year old side  to shut up and think things through.

The workouts are an hour long…and really… how long is an hour… meetings are generally an hour long  and they tend to fly by and when working on deliverables at work, an hour is nothing. Then again, the other night, The Bachelor “The Women Tell All” was on, and I could swear it was a 2 hour special…it was only an hour.

I have Monday off… debating on whether or not I go to the morning class and give myself the maximum amount of time to recoup before going back on Wednesday. I went bowling and mini-putting with the team on Wednesday evening… Thursday morning I was sore (left side), not a good sign. Thankfully I wasn’t alone. But I’d like to be the cocky one who comes in feeling great. Got my uniform all picked out… one of those sweat wicking long sleeves, got my running shoes… and my lululemon pants a pair of soccer shorts.

Been trying to eat well all week… like non-processed stuff… that includes breakfast which I generally skip. I figure that the fuel source is quasi-important. Mike’s Grill, near work, is a great option for what seems like good home-cooked food… had fish tikka yesterday, jerk chicken today… real food, real tasty… didn’t feel sleepy like after a McMeal.

I have to start developing a plan to track this statistically. I love numbers and charts… especially when all the lines are trending the right way. Hard to debate a good chart. I have to track my team(s) numbers every month and present them twice… once to my Director and once to my VP/CIO… there is really no place to hide if the numbers are not where they need to be… and if they are in a bad spot, you generally have a short (but reasonable) window to correct it. I’ll likely need to take the same tactic with this.

One thing I’ll do is have some chart perma-linked on the blog somewhere and update it daily with date vs. weight. I’m wondering what other stats might be interesting to track… body fat %, energy level, the amount of time (in minutes) it takes for me to speak after going up 3 flights of stairs at work… I should have timed it today.

I should consider some form of reward system if I hit certain levels. This part is pending spousal approval. Maybe a chart on distance to reward level…

  • boot camp 3x per week for 2 weeks = Lord of the Rings “Blue Ray” DVD Set (Extended Version)
  • boot camp 3x per week for 4 weeks = REO Speedwagon Anthology (I did mention I was 40 right? …And poor musical taste)
  • boot camp 3x per week for 8 weeks = NFL Sunday ticket (wife pays and only way for a Bengals fan to see a game)
  • boot camp 3x per week for 12 weeks = New Samsung  LED TV (awesome carrot to dangle)

Something to think about… guessing my wife (somewhat competitive)… will have her own grid. I picture it looking like this:

  • boot camp 3x per week for 2 weeks = Sex and the City 2 (Directors edition, extended Version, whatever…)
  • boot camp 3x per week for 4 weeks = I do laundry for 2 weeks (wife does most of the laundry and I’ll need a tutorial on what all those symbols mean on the tags)
  • boot camp 3x per week for 8 weeks = I don’t buy myself NFL Sunday ticket this coming season (this would hurt, how else would I see the Bengals disappoint week in and week out)
  • boot camp 3x per week for 12 weeks = Shoes or bag or something… not clear yet on what she would consider an uber reward… I just know that women’s bags and shoes cost a lot… and they tend to like a lot of them.

Sounds like I have some negotiation ahead of me…


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