Tomorrow is Day 2

Wife decided to go to Boot Camp today. Reported to The Instructor that I’d be going tomorrow. I also signed in online… makes is feel like I’m making a commitment. Twice in week one isn’t bad… I was hoping for 3 days (Mon, Wed, Fri) but the back is a wreck… so I’ll be getting out tomorrow and resting it over the weekend. Likely issues with The Core… or the fact I’m missing a Core.

Apparently they ran today…they ran a lot and they ran far. I did a couch to 5K program 2 years ago. I hope its one of those things that the body remembers. I actually like running. The class today ran to a park/soccer field, did reverse crab up a hill… did push-ups with the toes on a curb, did chin ups at the park… I got tired just listening to it.

Eating better… had salad with my 2 pieces of pizza. Had Go Lean Crunch for dinner. I made pasta for the kids… whole wheat,  but I could use less carbs in my life.

I’m stretching the bejeezus out of my back daily. I know it looks ridiculous at work. I can actually feel the hip flexors or some other tendons tingle. Not sure if that’s good or bad but something to ask the Chiropractor next Tuesday (down to once a week). I read way too much about back pain on the web… now I’m convinced that my legs are different lengths…

This is very much one of those things where you don’t want to over-think it. Do the Boot Camp… commit to 60 days, getting up to 3 training days a week. Gotta think ahead to May-ish… its the same as thinking about getting over a Month End or Year End (somewhat stressful times of the year)…

There are times I think I shouldn’t have shot my mouth off (but that would be like not breathing)… cause now I know folks will call me on my B.S. if I don’t keep this up…

Pain Report coming tomorrow… sometime after 8:15pm…

Odd thought: Read somewhere about how much people have a tendency to breathe through their mouths… apparently breathing through the nose is much, much better… something about more oxygen in the blood, being calmer.




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