Today is Day Zero Minus 14

Ugh…so the Bootcamp (and some other stuff) wrecked my back…and by wrecked, I mean WRECKED!

Chiro said to back off until I can get recuperated. That will take some time. I’m being told to work up to a 90 second plank. I can do 21 seconds…

It’s kind of depressing… the back is SOOOOO bad that I’m literally walking (if you can call it that) around the office like I’m constipated or I’m 134 years old… or both. My team thinks its hilarious, as do my peers and my boss.

I had no idea that the back muscles could weaken or cause this much discomfort… I’ve taken my poor physical condition for grantite and I likely skipped a bunch of steps trying to get it rectified. I’ve been injured before, through sports. Like sprained limbs, concussion, stuff like that. But it seems as if that stuff only limits the effectiveness of that extremity. With the back, it seems to impact everything.

So what to do until then…

Aleve has become a close pal of mine.. keeps down the inflamation. So I have to do those yoga stretches… not particularly man-ly but anything to get the back to where it should be. I was explaining to some folks today that my brain doesn’t seem to be making the connection between being 40 and not 28.

I recall playing soccer in a relatively competitive league just after my oldest was born… around 7 years ago… I had played soccer all my life… in very competitive leagues and at the Provincial Level… we’re talking 2 games a week and 3 practices. Cardio off the hook… flexibility… the works… I played Keeper and my instincts/reflexes thought I could do certain things at 32-33 that my body was totally opposed to. It was like I was a timeshare… the mental side was there… and so was the physical side… sharing the same space but not talking to one another. I should have done a better job as a mediator between the two… but I’m sometimes too cocky and dumb about that stuff.

Maybe I can work on the cockiness thing too………………………………. nah.






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