Yoga again tonight… looking forward to it

Not sure if I mentioned where I go in my last post.The place is called Downward Dog Yoga and they have 2 locations in Toronto. Naturally, I go to the one in The Beaches since its a 5 minute drive home. The link to it can be found here.

Taking this stuff somewhat seriously as I purchased a new yoga mat. I’ve added one lunch time run into my week… Wednesday’s I hit the workplace gym and I just started a Couch to 5K program… needless to say I’m way more couch than 5K… but you gotta start somewhere.

Groceries have been pretty healthy lately. But cripes it takes a long time to make good stuff from scratch. Pasta or Kraft Dinner takes 11-15 minutes tops… once the water is boiling. I made a Greek Salad with chicken last night and after all the cutting, washing, dicing and mixing… it took way longer. Least I had left overs I could roll into lunch for today. Just finished it a short spell ago and I’m not feeling the least bit sleepy or sluggish. Big surprise! Duh!

So current stats:

Height: 5’11”

Weight: 206lbs (down 1 from last week, target is 185 for now)

BMI: 28.7 (target is 25.8)


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