Mid Term Report Card

— Start Scene—

My Wife: Alex, I’ll take When Hell Freezes Over for $1000

Alex Trebek: What is “I’m going upstairs to do 45 minutes of Yoga”

My Wife: Alex I’ll go with “Things I never thought I’d hear my husband say”

Alex Trebek: Correct! Pick again!

— End Scene—

Went to the usual Sunday Yoga class… was a tough one. I’m sure people think its all easy poses and stretching… they tend to forget the repetitive plank position and stuff that makes your thighs feel like their engulfed by some invisible fire. Yet somehow, I enjoy it and it gets better each time I go. Maybe it’s like a challenge or the need to move from Prep to Level 1.

Yeah I did some at home yesterday… around 40 minutes or so. Helps with the flexibility and I feel like I’m making deposits into the bank of health… which is a good thing since I’m also charging a lot to the “poor –posture-and-I-sit-too-much” credit line.

My youngest is learning Yoga at Kindergarten… man that kid is flexible. I think he likes showing up daddy… but that’s fine… we’ll reverse that soon (and by soon I mean 36-48 months or so… it’s a marathon not a sprint).

The eating well thing is going fine. What sucked is that my wife and I went to a restaurant on Saturday (impromptu date night). Looked it up and it got great reviews from some well-known publications like Toronto Life. The actual location/room was stunning… but the food was ho-hum… and for the price I expected more. With this whole caloric deficit thing going on, I feel like someone with allowance at the end of the week I can spend and I hate using it up on something less than awesome. Should have gone somewhere for half the cost and twice the flavor… like a great Indian place (Indian Rice Factory) or BBQ (like Barque).

Smart food choices are making an impact.

Current Stats:

Height: 5’11” (yay! I’m not getting shorter)

Weight: 196lbs (broke through the 200lbs barrier a few weeks ago…195 is next major milestone)

BMI: 27.3 (target continues to be around 26)

Fat %: 25.4 (I have a scale that measures it… interesting stat… wish I took the stat when I started this)

Based on the charts I’ve seen, I’m just barely outside the Average Range… and need to get down to 14-17%… If adjusted for age (tsk tsk) then it’s should be around 16-21 for ideal. Lean would be between 7% and 14%. I’m shooting for 18%… seems like a reasonable compromise.


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