CrossFit: Day 7

So it’s been fun so far, doing the CrossFit Bootcamp… which is what is recommended prior to doing the actual CrossFit sessions at CrossFitTO. Every day they build a program that introduces new routines and this past week has been focused on weights (dumbbells and barbells). I will admit that my entire body was sore after the first week. I couldn’t do a sit up after Day 2 but I’m a lot less sore after the weekend and my body is adjusting. I look forward to the day I can do 10 chin ups without using any bands. Right now I can (maybe) do 3 unassisted.

There is a great mix of people in the class. The instructor (Ryan) takes the time to explain everything in detail and make sure we’re using proper form and technique. We start the class at 6:30am and are done roughly around 7:15am… I love this because it doesn’t give me any time to make up mental excuses not to go… like having a rough day at work or staying at work later than normal. Getting it done early in the morning is also less disruptive to the schedule at home.

My wife and kids and I did go to a friend’s place this past weekend to see their new house. They have no idea we’re a little food restricted meaning no burgers, bread, chips… and of course on a nice weekend people BBQ and those are staples. We ended up having a veggie burger on a whole wheat bun. They were very gracious to break out those options for us. I did have some tortilla chips as well. My willpower broke after staring at the bowl down for 60 minutes. The next day I did see the results as my weight did go up. Got strict again after the weekend and back to 188lbs. Need to continue on the straight and narrow until I hit my target and then loosen up a little (80-20 rule… be good 80% of the time and relax 20% of the time).

I didn’t end up going to BootCamp today as I had a chiropractor appointment. It’ll be back to it tomorrow which means being there for 4 of the 5 days this week and only one day missed from the start. I did move my next chiropractor appointment to a time after work so I don’t mess with my morning schedule.

So my scale seems to be giving me inconsistent readings on the Body Fat % so I ordered some calipers to get a more accurate reading. The results below might change based on what it tells me. If I’m driving to specific results, I might as well be as certain as possible on the numbers I’m getting (and adjust accordingly).

Current stats:

Height: 5’11”

Weight: 188 lbs (distance to target is 8 lbs)

BMI: 26.2

Fat %: 22.0 (target is 18%)

Weight went up! Boo! Getting back on track.


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