Fit Test Round 2

Gah… I was wrong about my time… the time I had to beat was 13:08 and I came in at 12:50… which was great. Now I need to shave off more time… my last Fit Test is 2.5 weeks away and I will be trying hard to get less than 12 minutes. A couple of guys in the earlier class (pretty fit) killed the test and came in around 10 minutes. It’s the walking lunges that kill me… 20 in the first round isn’t bad… by the time I hit 12 on the second… the legs stop cooperating. Burpees and box jumps are fine… though after the walking lunges… I need a second before I can jump. A couple of people clipped their ankles on the boxes and went over them in an earlier class.

So the workouts are going smoothly and are part of my weekday routine. Now I need to focus on stretching and food. I had been stretching 5 times a week to keep the lower back loose but then backed off as I wasn’t getting any pain… now it’s starting to tighten up ever so slightly so I need to go back to the regular stretching routine, especially after days with a lot of sitting or meetings.

I saw my chiropractor last Thursday and he was amazed by the changes in my morphology. I pretended to know what he meant and then went home to look up what it means. In essence, he was surprised by the changes in my “shape”. I was clearly taking up a lot more room on his table 4-6 months ago and now I’m not. Since the “change in shape”, I’ve also had less need to go see him for adjustments to my lower back and now go see him only once a month.

Food -wise… I have been looking over several sites with Paleo recipes and links to books or other material. I would characterize my eating habits as 90/10 Eat Clean. I drink water and green tea more than anything else…. way more. All the foods are non-processed with lots of lean meats and vegetables. Not much, if any fruit, after 4PM.

Paleo is close but differs in a number of ways. But they don’t allow legumes (beans), grains, dairy and a few other things. There is a great guide on this that can be read here. It’s not for everyone… like anything it takes a little time to get used to it. I can try anything for 30 days. I think the thing to keep in mind is the 80/20 rule… give yourself some space to enjoy a dinner out or grab some Five Guys with the kids. Just maybe sub in water for the Coke.

Some of my favorites are as follows (this list will likely change or grow as I get more into it):

This site is run by avid Cross-Fitter Juli Bauer. Tons of great stories and recipes. She has a solid following based on the comments and feedback I’ve read on the site. One of the sites I regularly visit for all things Paleo and Cross Fit.

Came across this one just a few weeks ago. Great recipes AND a fantastic App for the iPad. I downloaded it and it has great stuff like shopping lists and recipes. I’m using my iPad more and more to store recipes and cookbook material so it’s all in one handy place.

I don’t yet have any Paleo cookbooks… but I intend to get this one:

Food Bible

It’s supposed to come out early August and I’m pre-ordering it from Amazon. I can be accused of judging a book by its cover, because that’s how I selected it… I’m a sucker for good branding and packaging and the cover sets the tone for some intriguing content… like meal plans and lots of recipes. This book will soon be my go-to for recipes.

Stats coming by end of week… not much has changed… except for Body Fat %… that’s a good thing.



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