Posting Slacker November to May Re-Cap

Okay… so I understand that I haven’t posted anything since last September. So why don’t I give you all a recap.

October 2012… turned 42… felt like I could kick the crap out of the 32 year old version of myself. That’s not saying much.

November 2012… friends at the box (gym) asked me if I’d be up for joining their Tough Mudder Team. Tough Mudder was coming to Toronto in May. I said yes… I reasoned that I had 6 months to get in shape or come up with a great excuse… skip ahead to the next post for the results.

December… went home for Xmas. Kids enjoyed that. I think they ate most of the chocolate in the house.

January… no resolutions other than to try and figure out how to master Double Unders this year. If my kid could do it…

February… more of the same. Eat Paleo, go to CrossFit, rinse, repeat. Wife starts going to CrossFit Bootcamp… still haven’t mastered DUs.

March… Holy Crap… is it really only 8 weeks until Mudder. I should start running.

April… OMG… is it really only  weeks until Mudder. I wish I had started running.

May… uh oh!


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